ERP in Agribusiness


Growers, processors and producers in the Agribusiness sector face a number of challenges when it comes to improving profitability and simplifying processes. 

Specific Challenges in Agribusiness Demand a Flexible ERP System

Food growers face a number of difficult challenges including increasing visibility into land usage, identifying best practices for producing quality products and simplifying compliance to meet food safety requirements. Food producers are challenged to balance supply and demand, manage external supply chains, and simplify complex payment and reporting processes, to improve profitability and provide competitive advantage. To continuously have insight in buisness performance, a flexible and scalable ERP system is mandatory – exactely finetuned for the specific wishes and demands of the company.

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: One Answer to All Needs

The ERP system JD Edwards EnterpriseOne by Oracle offers solutions across all stages of the product lifecycle, helping maximize business potential for growers and producers.

Companies which trade or manufacture commodities face a huge number of challenges in today’s competitive climate. Insight into market positions, contracts, currency positions, operational risk (both control and processes) and compliance with laws and legislation are all crucial to trading activities. Experience the benefits of Cadran’s JD Edwards Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) solution.