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ERP for Homebuilder Management

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Homebuilder Management provides industry-specific functionality in a flexible framework to manage, coordinate, communicate and analyze profitability throughout the complete construction lifecycle. From phased construction site planning, configuring home models through service & warranty management, JD Edwards offers comprehensive functionality to support cost effective home builder management.

An ERP System Designed for Homebuilders

Apart from ‘generic ERP functionality’ like job costing, finance, procurement and subcontracting, Oracle JD Edwards for Homebuilders offers features like:

  • Profitability analysis by community, plan, and option
  • Actual or pro forma analysis of product offerings
  • Configuration of lots prior to sale by pre-selecting plans, elevations, and options
  • Accurate, timely reports based on current lot status and attributes
  • Comprehensive sales tracking through the loan approval and closing processes

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