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Paper & Packaging

Solving the challenges in Asset-Intensive industries

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ERP in Paper & Packaging Industry

For the paper and packaging industry, external forces control much of a company’s profitability and success. A fluctuating economy, the continuing reach of electronic communications and commerce, the loss of product differentiation, environmental regulations—all have a major impact on the industry.

Control Your Business With a Suitable ERP solution

While most external forces may be out of your control, you will be in a better position to respond and succeed if you effectively manage critical factors inside your own business. In other words, control what you can control and get the most out of what you have. With a complete and flexible software solution, you can deal more confidently with outside forces and master your own internal processes and assets.

The Paper & Packaging Industry Benefiots from an ERP system by

  • Improving Plan-to-Produce Management
  • Improving Order-to-Cash Management
  • Improving Asset Management

Please read more about JD Edwards ERP in one of our white papers or datasheets. 

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