Functional Modules


Industry Modules

JDEdwards offers unique solutions for specific industries. The Food & Beverage and Blend Management modules offer specific functionalities to manage agricultural areas, to register harvest (revenues and associated costs) and subsequently produce end products by mixing semis. All functionalities are completely integrated with the other functional modules of JD Edwards like financial management, stock, purchase, and customer relationship management. 

The Real Estate Management and Construction modules are a standard solution for managing real estate for the entire life cycle: From construction to managing, leasing, and demolition. These specific modules are also seamlessly integrated with the other JD Edwards modules like financial management, stock, purchase and sales, and asset management. 

The Attributes and Apparel modules give the players in the Apparel industries a concrete solution for blend management. Instead of confronting the user with an enormous article file, this module will give you a simple hierarchy to manage articles, BOMs, and production instructions efficiently. As a result assortment management, but also retail management, logistics, and financial management becomes easier, more transparent, and reliable.

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Demo: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 UI Features

Demo begins with the new sign on screen and moves directly into showing the new User Experience features of JDE E1 9.1 tools, including new home page, new navigation via drop down menus, E1 pages, business flows, carousels, report status/access and much more.


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