JD Edwards ERP has multiple partners all over the world. It can be divided into the areas: Europe, middle East and Africa, Americas and Asia-Pacific. See all our partners and their destination here below.


As a certified Platinum Business Partner and Reseller of Oracle, Cadran Consultancy delivers a complete ERP solution for Wholesalers and Industrial companies.

Cadran is located in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Forza Consulting

Forza Consulting is an agile consultancy services company, providing high-quality application, integration and development services related to Oracle JD Edwards.

Forza Consulting is located in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Quistor is Europe’s largest Oracle partner specialized in JD Edwards ERP software, Oracle Business Analytics, Oracle Cloud, and third-party JD Edwards add-on products. Expert knowledge and reliable delivery performance are a solid foundation for the continuous growth and success of Quistor.

Quistor is located in Europe, Middle East, Africa.


Steltix is a global supplier of ERP and related business solutions. Their mission is to connect their customers’ business ideas with the latest technologies, bring those ideas to life and guide them on their digital journey.

Steltix offers a range of services for Oracle JD Edwards as well as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In addition, they offer a range of ERP products designed to simplify and automate business processes for JD Edwards.

The company has a worldwide presence across all time zones, with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States of America and South Africa.