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  • 27-02-2020

    How to succesfully get buy-in for the cloud

    Find out which benefits each stakeholder wants to achieve from the cloud and tailor your work and messaging to those benefits. When you approach each...

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  • 19-02-2020

    How IT managers can support overwhelmed team members

    Being an IT manager is hard. Solving daily IT issues is all-consuming, let alone the demands of a job that requires managing a team with different...

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  • 29-01-2020

    What is an ERP?

    ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is an integrated software solution that controls all business processes of a company in the areas of...

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  • 08-01-2020

    2020 trends signal next-gen productivity

    It makes sense that our annual trends are focused not only on technology this year, but also on people — people and technology working differently to...

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  • 24-12-2019

    Waiting Is Not a Strategy

    Lyle Ekdahl believes that companies that want to succeed can no longer defer their digital transformation plans.

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  • 18-12-2019

    Scenarios of the Future: Technology to Amplify Our Intent

    Most people have a vision of what the future looks like. Maybe it’s a world of driverless cars, Elon Musk’s tunneling hyperloop, or medical...

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  • 12-12-2019

    JD Edwards data refresh tips

    What are the top 5 things every CNC gets asked to do regularly? I bet you’ll say security, and maybe package builds, followed by ESU installations...

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  • 27-11-2019

    Oracle Predictions for Enterprise IT in 2025: Security in the Cloud

    A critical shift in cloud usage has occurred in which organizations are no longer looking at cloud as nice to have. Cloud deployments have...

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  • 20-11-2019

    Announcing JD Edwards E1 Tools Release Update 4

    With this latest 9.2 update, new enhancements provide valuable new business logic, simplify business processes, and enhance the user experience.

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