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Environmental Health & Safety

Four examples of IoT in practice

By combining their ERP system with the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses will be able to control various parts of the supply chain automatically.

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Environmental Health & Safety

Occupational hazards have a serious business impact across various dimensions. Lost time, lost productivity, delay in delivery, exposure to litigation, fines, citations and remediation are the financial consequences suffered. Gaining insight on what, where and when can help businesses identify potentially dangerous situations and provide adequate prevention. Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Health & Safety Incident Management is a comprehensive solution that helps you track and manage all types of occupational incidents. As human toll is the most expensive, organizations can’t afford not to manage their incidents.

Health & Safety Incident Management features:

  • Compliance with regulatory reporting requirements
  • Insight through analysis
  • Track estimated and actual costs
  • Leverage existing corporate data with core JDE systems integration
  • Record incidents involving people, property, equipment and environmental impact.
  • Safety scoreboard
  • Record safety inspections

Demo: Regulatory Reporting for Health & Safety Incident Management

This example demonstrates how a modern business can leverage proactive alerts, standard regulatory reports, and dynamic dashboards to enable employees to quickly generate compliance reports and make informed decisions to improve company safety.

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