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Solving the challenges in manufacturing and distribution

Discover how to solve the challenges in manufacturing and distribution!

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ERP in Chemical Industry

Chemical manufacturers are still expanding their global operations and have challenges with supply chain optimization, rationalization and cost reduction. They also face compliance issues with financial and legal legislation (Sox and IFRS) and environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations. Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can help Chemical manufacturers to manage their supply chain, sales and marketing, e-procurement, lean manufacturing and reduction of material inventories. Our userfriendly and flexible solution has a robust functionality for financial, distribution and manufacturing processes. 

Oracle JD Edwards ERP supports chemical manufacturers with:

  • Multi-site, multi-lingual and international operations
  • Supply Chain Planning and Production Scheduling
  • Asset Life Cycle Management
  • Integrated Sales and Marketing (CRM)

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is very scalable and runs on a choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware. Our ERP solution can be implemented quickly, without any risks and at predictable costs.

ERP in the chemical and pharma industry

Read how ERP can help chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers in their journey towards digital transformation. Download the free whitepaper now. 


References ERP in Chemical Industry


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