Upgrading the JD Edwards E1Local Oracle Database

JD Edwards E1Local Oracle Database from 12c to 19c

Oracle published a document in June 2020 outlining procedures required to Upgrade Oracle E1Local Oracle Database on the Deployment server. The version of Oracle E1Local Database produced by the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Application update is E1Local OEE (12c).

Oracle E1 Local OEE is only available through Oracle’s Tools Release 9.2.5.x. As of Oracle’s Tools Release 9.2.6, the only Oracle E1 Local Database that can be supported with Oracle Cloud Enterprise Mail is (19c). Consequently, every customer running Oracle’s Tools Release 9.2.6 must be running with Oracle E1Local DB 19c.

Syntax created a document to run the upgrade as seamless as possible. The upgrade from Oracle 12c to 19c can be a bit difficult, but a helpful this document can make the process more seamless. This document has screenshots and the total image of the upgrade from start to finish, including exporting tablespaces, installing the new Oracle 19c E1Local DB.