Internet of Things

Companies are continuously seeking for competitive differentiation and higher profitability by transforming their business models from a focus on products to services. Service-led business models can provide a number of competitive benefits including dramatically improved customer experience, increased customer loyalty and products and service bundles that are harder to copy.

Through the Internet of Things ‘remote monitoring’and ‘predictive maintenance’ can be realized and are important means for manufacturing companies to be competitive. By monitoring products and machines, a much better customer service will be delivered, new products can be offered and cost reductions can be realized on maintenance and repairs.

The collected data by the IoT devices is direct input for business applications such as ERP and SCM. JD Edwards with the Internet of Things Orchestrator enables companies to have fast and real-time access to this data with the option to process this data continuously to optimize operations. You will find here everything you need to know about JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Internet of Things Orchestrator.