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Cadran Consultancy

Four examples of IoT in practice

By combining their ERP system with the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses will be able to control various parts of the supply chain automatically.

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Cadran Consultancy

Cadran Consultancy

As a certified Platinum Business Partner and Reseller of Oracle, we deliver a complete ERP solution for Wholesalers and Industrial companies. We also offer a wide range of services including consultancy relating to the implementation, upgrades or support of your ERP package. Our senior consultants have many years of experience with complex business processes in the financial, logistics and production area.

We also have expertise in Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Sales Cloud. In addition, we offer innovative JD Edwards add-on products, which optimize our customers' business processes and realize cost savings. Cadran is also co-founder and partner of Redfaire International.

Through this joint venture, we are able to support our customers both nationally and internationally in the roll-out and support of Oracle JD Edwards. Only one channel to have access to over 175 JD Edwards consultants, presented in 10 countries to implement, host, provide 24/7 support and help you further expand your Oracle JD Edwards ERP and related solutions.

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Ed Pieters

Expert Ed Pieters

Ed Pieters is Director at Cadran Consultancy and responsible for the sales and marketing activities. He has a business and logistics background and has worked with Oracle JD Edwards since 1989. His experience is focused on Wholesale and Industrial companies.

Henny Berends

Expert Henny Berends

As Finance Consultant at Cadran Consultancy, Henny has in-depth knowledge of all the Financial modules. He has conducted national and international implementations. He has a financial background, including a bachelor degree (SPD). He masteres the languages ​​Dutch , English and German.

Rick Brobbel

Expert Rick Brobbel

Rick has been a JD Edwards Logistics Consultant since 1999. He is a specialist in connecting the functional and technology area's and has mainly been engaged in activities in this interface, such as EDI , Conversions and Interfaces. As a result , he has extensive knowledge of the data model and database of JD Edwards. Since 2007, Rick has specialized in Oracle Business Intelligence ( OBIEE ).

Igor Ghijsens

Expert Igor Ghijsens

Igor Ghijsens has a business and logistical background and has worked with JD Edwards since 2000. He has realized implementation projects for various companies, particularly in manufacturing and wholesale. He has also co-developed the Oracle Accelerate Industry Solutions at Cadran. Igor has recently also specialized in Oracle Fusion CRM.

Ronald Krol

Expert Ronald Krol

Ronald Krol is consultant at Cadran Consultancy, specialized in the areas of Sales, Pricing and CRM. Since 1998, he has gained experience with Oracle JD Edwards in Wholesale, Telecom and Consumer Package Goods. Since 2012, he has experience in Oracle Fusion CRM in the industries Consultancy and Wholesale .

Klaas Menger

Expert Klaas Menger

Klaas Menger is presales and principal consultant at Cadran Consultancy, specialized in the areas of Finance , Job Cost, Distribution, Manufacturing and Maintenance . Since 1990, he worked with Oracle JD Edwards in the industries Wholesale, Industry and Consumer Packaged Goods. Klaas has worked with both the World and the OneWorld versions.

Jasper Sassen

Expert Jasper Sassen

Jasper Sassen is Principal Consultant at Cadran Consultancy specialized in the finance and security modules. He has a business and accounting background and has worked with Oracle JD Edwards since 1995 for both national and international clients.

Toin van Westing

Expert Toin van Westing

Toin has been a consultant in client projects for over 10 years and as such worked in various roles. His broad interest, knowledge and experience make him a good partner for customers. In recent years Toin has specialized in commodity trading.

Jan Stalman

Expert Jan Stalman

Jan Stalman is sales manager at Cadran Consultancy and responsible for New Business sales activities. He has a commercial and sales background and knowledge and experience in the Food, Feed , CPG , Discrete and (semi- ) process industries.

Geert Siksma

Expert Geert Siksma

Geert Siksma Logistics is Principal Consultant and Project Manager at Cadran Consultancy. He is a certified specialist in implementation of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Distribution and Manufacturing modules. Since 1998, Geert has carried out several implementation projects at companies in the industries: Food, CPG, Domestic and International Wholesale and Discrete Production.

Ruben van der Drift

Expert Ruben van der Drift

Ruben van der Drift works as a Junior Business Development Manager at Cadran Consultancy. Ruben has a broad background in business administration with specializations in (Cloud) ERP, Commodity Trading and market research and development. At Cadran he is involved in sales and marketing activities.

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