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Four examples of IoT in practice

By combining their ERP system with the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses will be able to control various parts of the supply chain automatically.

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Founded in 1985, MPL Corporate Software is a technology integrator focused on enterprise solutions. With its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and a branch in Sao Paulo, MPL operates in Brazil and carries out projects in other Latin American countries. 

MPL has been developed projects in Information Technology of varying scope, with specific requirements from each client, including: strategic planning; management consulting, IT integration solutions; business processes analysis, modeling and revision; system development; ERP implementation and post implementation support, system integration and training.

The MPL has a strong focus on innovation of its solutions offering, seeking to continually offer its customers a portfolio of products and services increasingly broad and compliant with business requirements.

As part of this business strategy, MPL has worked in developing partnerships with worldwide leaders, prioritizing the quality and integration of products, to build up a comprehensive and flexible portfolio, which address all client's management and operational requirements.

With a partnership since 2004, MPL is one of the top business partners of ORACLE in Brazil, which allows the company to have a value added offering to the Brazilian marketplace in terms of being a total IT solution provider.

Products and Services

  • ERP Solutions Sales and Implementation

The implementation of an ERP is a time of great changes in the company’s business process.

Success in a project of this scale depends not only on the adherence level of the solution chosen. It is also important to have an implementation team that has a deep knowledge of the business practices involved, to assist customers in the review of the current processes and the implementation of best market practices.

With over 20 years of experience in ERP implementations, MPL has a team that combines a deep knowledge of the potentialities of the software with wide experience in the business processes of various industries.

The work methodology is based on PMI – Project Management Institute practices and in a set of web tools that allow real-time monitoring of all project activities.

  • Cloud Solutions

MPL Corporate Software, in partnership with Oracle and Amazon Web Services (AWS), offer a SaaS (Software as a Service) implementation of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in the cloud.

Is the ideal solution of business management for small and medium-sized enterprises. The offer is part of a package of high quality services with an innovative deployment process, the solution is offered as a service: simple, fast, safe and complete.

The service package includes the availability of software (Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne), the required infrastructure hosted in the cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and support for the end user, ensuring that your company does not need to worry about anything else besides its goals.

The implementation uses an accelerator template and MPL optimized methodology, which guarantees quickly process. The template reduces   settings needs and facilitates training on the tool, making the entire process faster and more reliable.

From November 2015 we started offering this solution hosted in the Oracle Cloud too.

  • Outsourcing

MPL’s outsourcing solution, named Suporte-fix, is a solution developed based on MPL expertise in several industries and sized companies. It establishes a safe IT services protection to the entire company. With it, the manager and the analysis team can dedicate to the business supported by a model that minimizes risks and add tools to service management.

Suporte-fix is composed by a set of service modules that has a customized setting to each client, and may include all the ERP environment applications set. The team acts locally or remotely using a service central. The service may include a helpdesk for the first level of user support or restrict to second and third levels support. The times are suitable to work shifts and time zones of each company.

The service centralization allows the construction of a database and service evolution analysis throughout time. MPL team generates management reports through periodic meetings with the clients to evaluate results and identify improvements opportunities. A service level agreement (SLA) is established to every hired service.

The methodology used by Suporte-fix team leverages specialization on every ERP module, bringing gains on every service chain by reducing costs with support and maintenance and increasing productivity on system use by users.

Follow MPL:

Website: http://mpl.com.br/

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