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Upgrade your JD Edwards ERP system. Your customers deserve it!

Much has been said about the how and why of upgrading JD Edwards. Not in the least because keeping up with your release assures you of Oracle support, but also because JD Edwards 9.2 has a lot to offer. You’ll see those benefits after you have done the upgrade.

Start with the Why: Upgrade JD Edwards to gain benefits

I have talked to a number of industry and wholesale companies that have started upgrading their technology and in particular their ERP system, or want to start upgrading within a few months. Where that used to be a necessary evil, more and more companies see this as an opportunity to gain benefits: from simple things like a lower TCO to actual competitive advantage due to specific demands from the market.

A few examples: The ERP system is pre-eminently the platform for sales growth. How can your business grow if your old software does not meet the rapidly changing demands of e-commerce?

Some parties in the complex supply chain of, for example, automotive and aerospace require their suppliers to have implemented the correct processes and systems and that they are able to prove that.

Business Drivers

What especially emerges is the shift from IT-dominated reasons to business drivers. And that’s a good thing! Although aspects such as infrastructure, performance and vendor support influence the decision, the actual drivers must be the demand from the market, the opportunities that the company sees or the fact that current insufficient business processes need to be changed.

JD Edwards Continuous Delivery Model

To provide a good foundation for all of these reasons, JD Edwards is introducing the Continuous Delivery Model. From release 9.2 you can more easily upgrade your software to the latest version of the application. You will be able to adapt to that rapidly changing market!

Jan Stalman

Expert: Jan Stalman

Jan Stalman is sales manager at Cadran Consultancy and responsible for New Business sales activities. He has a commercial and sales background and knowledge and experience in the Food, Feed , CPG , Discrete and (semi- ) process industries.

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