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JDE Update Event 2015

Four examples of IoT in practice

By combining their ERP system with the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses will be able to control various parts of the supply chain automatically.

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JDE Update Event 2015

On december 11th, starting at 08:30 am, Oracle JD Edwards implementation partners will be organizing the annual JDE Update Event in Eindhoven for all endusers. Are you interested in attending this event? Then read on for more information and registration.


08.30 - 09.20   Reception and registration
09.20 - 09.30   Welcome/introduction by SIG leaders Anne Wiebe de Boer & Heering Ligthart
09.30 - 10.15   Keynotes Lyle Ekdahl & John Schiff - strategy, roadmap, developments and trends
10.20 - 11.05   Break out I
1.1 Demonstration of JD Edwards E1 V9.2 (Cadran)
1.2 BI'NGO - BICS tool specially designed for JD Edwards (Quistor)
1.3 Internet Of Thins made practical for JDE (Steltix)
1.4 Brainstorm & inventory of wishes and requirements Logistics/Manufacturing (input SIG's 2016)
11.05 - 11.30   Coffee break
11.35 - 12.20   Breakout II
2.1 The value of PLM (Ordina/Kalypso)
2.2 Invoice Automation made easy (Forza)
2.3 Process X-Ray (Joris Schots & Wilbert Pommerel, Deloitte)
2.4 Brainstorm & inventory of wishes and requirements Finance/Purchase  (input SIG's 2016)
12.20 - 13.15   LUNCH
13.20 - 14.05   Keynotes Robert Monahan & Gary Grieshaber - product information (logistics, manufacturing, Internet of Things, Integration service, etc.)
14.10 - 14.40   Breakout III-a
3.a.1 DPD and the benefits of electronic invoicing in JD Edwards Rogier Mullaart & Fred van de Wiel (DPD), sponsored by ISProjects
3.a.2 Gold Sponsor XSED
3.a.3 Gold Sponsor JDE Mart
3.a.4 Meet the experts 'Apps 9.2 practical changes'
14.45 - 15.15   Breakout III-b
3.b.1 Oracle BI Cloud Services (BICS) for JD Edwards - Cadran
3.b.2 Master Data Management - Joris Schots (Deloitte)
3.b.3 Continuous monitoring and improvement of your JD Edwards environment,  how do you do this? - Forza
3.b.4 Meet the experts 'Tools 9.2 practical changes'
15.15 - 15.35   Refreshment break
15.40 - 16.10   Breakout IV-a
4.a.1 Customer case - Quistor
4.a.2 New features in practice - Ordina
4.a.3 Legal Structure Workbench - Steltix
4.a.4 Meet the experts 'Apps 9.2 practical changes'
16.15 - 16.45   Breakout IV-b
4.b.1 Gold sponsor Q Software
4.b.2 Professional Document Output Management in practice Richard Elsinga - Smildefoods (powered by Quadira)
4.b.3 Gold sponsor to be confirmed
4.b.4 Meet the experts 'Tools 9.2 practical changes'
16.50 - 17.00   Wrap up and closure
17.00 - 17.30   Networking reception
    Platinum sponsors: Cadran, Deloitte, Forza, Ordina, Quistor, Steltix
    Gold sponsors: ISProjects, JDE Mart, Q Software, Quadira, XSED