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JD Edwards versus SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX

ERP systems are a big investment, but the right ERP can lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and raise your return on investment (ROI). How can JD Edwards be compared to other ERP solutions like SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX?

JD Edwards reduces operating expenses and boosts profitability by increasing employee productivity. Its drag-anddrop customization for user navigation leads to vastly improved business process flows.

Once you choose an ERP platform, you want it to work for the long run. To this end, Oracle is continuously evolving JD Edwards to better meet a wide variety of business needs. JD Edwards has built on its already deep functionality and usability by becoming even more user-friendly, open, and flexible.

JD Edwards has distinguished itself as the first ERP to run all applications on the Apple iPad with an intuitive user interface. JDE also delivers over 80 mobile applications designed to make working in the field easier.

JD Edwards also beats its competitors in the area of flexibility. Unlike other ERP systems, JDE is open to virtually any database or operating system. In addition, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne maintains a competitive edge by responding to the needs of its users with regular updates and upgrades. The new simplified upgrade process makes assimilating these upgrades easier than ever before.

JD Edwards versus SAP ERP

Unlike its competitors, JDE is disruptive in a good way with its regularly scheduled upgrades. SAP All in One users suffer from its frequent rate of failure and operational disruptions during implementation.

In addition, these users also report a higher TCO. Nucleus Research found that 9 out of 10 users of the SAP ERP solution wouldn’t make a future investment.4 Many users appear to be planning a switch, as they are evaluating competing options.

JD Edwards versus Microsoft Dynamics AX

Compared with JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics AX has limited cloud ERP options.5 The need to rely on 3rd parties for additional applications to complete a solution adds up to a higher TCO and more difficult implementations and upgrades. Users also complained about a lack of training by skilled personnel.


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