Mobile Approvals for JD Edwards

Four examples of IoT in practice

By combining their ERP system with the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses will be able to control various parts of the supply chain automatically.

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Mobile Approvals for JD Edwards

Approval Express: JDE Mobile Technology

Approval Express is a generic mobile approval engine that is integrated with various standard JD Edwards processes to provide approval functionality via any remote device with an email client.

Approval Express allows senior management and approvers to respond to approval requests on the move from anywhere in the world using any device that supports an email client, thus significantly speeding up your organisation’s entire approval processes. Approval Express provides business process improvements and greater control as well as bottom line cost savings from the day that you begin using it.

Approval Express is an add-on utility that has been designed to speed up and enhance standard JD Edwards approval processes. Approval Express works with all standard email protocols to facilitate approvals seamlessly i.e. without the need to sign in to JD Edwards.

Not only is Approval Express highly flexible, giving your users the ability to handle transaction approval from mobile devices without the need to launch JD Edwards, it is also simple and intuitive, meaning no training is required for users when you deploy this solution to your organisation.

Find out how Approval Express generates business improvements and greater control for your organisation by downloading this fact sheet.


JD Edwards Approval Express


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