Deployment to Oracle's Public Cloud

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Deployment to Oracle's Public Cloud

Our Move to the Public Cloud

iSP3 is an Oracle Platinum Services Partner and Oracle Customer running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financials, Job Cost, Service and Contract Billing and ESS Time Entry on Oracle’s DB on premise since 2009.  In February 2016, iSP3 made the decision to deploy JD Edwards E1 onto Oracle’s Public Cloud.  Moving to the public cloud was executed in parallel with our upgrade to E9.2 to avoid having to integrate and regression test multiple times.  The upgrade and deployment was completed in 3 months, on time and under budget.  iSP3 was the first JD Edwards customer to deploy to the public cloud in North America. 

Cloud Deployment and Upgrade Path

Why did we do it?

  • No longer have to be concerned with hardware upgrades with release changes;
  • No longer have to be worried about our environment going down at critical times;
  • Flexibility of spinning up additional servers as required and only pay for what usage;
  • Ability to have 8 environments, including unique and specific Mining, Construction and Oil and Gas environments for our Accelerated deployment solutions, without sacrificing performance;
  • Annual cost savings of greater than 45% switching from on-premise to Oracle’s Public Cloud.

We achieved all the above and still:

  • Have ownership and control of the environment with upgrades, ESU deployments etc.;
  • Have ownership and control of our configuration;
  • Have ownership of all our modifications;
  • Have ownership of all our extended solutions.

The efforts to deploy to Oracle’s public cloud was as efficient and simple as claimed, and the ability to maintain control of our applications along with all the benefits realized so quickly made it an easy decision.


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