Rob-EX Scheduler for production planning in JDE

May 28th, 2020: 4 PM - 5 PM CEST

Where: Online

Costs: Free

Webinar by Jeroen van der Zee (Forza Consulting) & Henny van de Beek (Novotek)

Many organizations still plan manually with planning boards, Excel, and written notes taken during planning meetings.
ROB-EX is an advanced planning program that can visually optimize planning and make re-planning much easier.

  • Production planning requires correct decisions and quick actions. Any change in production planning has an effect on that of suppliers and customers. And of course vice versa.
  • ROB-EX Scheduler is an advanced scheduling program, linked to JD Edwards, offering planners an electronic, intuitive and dynamic planning board for daily detail planning.
  • Clear visual support provides overview and insight into the complexity of a planning.

ROB-EX Scheduler is used successfully by planners in production companies of various sizes and from a broad range of industrial sectors across the world.  Since 1999, ROB-EX Scheduler users have reported as a result:

  • improved productivity
  • increased turnover
  • improved customer services

There is a full exchange of necessary data between ROB-EX Scheduler and JD Edwards – your data will be reused and maintained in one place, ROB-EX Scheduler ensures a steady and optimal flow in your production. The system is designed to manage the dynamics and fluctuations that are natural factors in all production and supply chains.