JDE Talk

June 18th, 2020: 4 PM - 5 PM CEST

Where: Online

Costs: Free

Webinar by Wouter Helsloot (Burg Group) & Filip Plettinck (Scherpenhuizen)

This week we will try something new! Grab a can of soda, a bag of chips and your favourite candy bar.
Lean back in your chair and tune in to a conversation Filip and Wouter will start.
And once you are comfortable feel free to join the conversation. We call it: JDE Talk.

There is no real outlined script, the attendees will just start talking and see where our minds will go.
Let’s discuss, participate and learn from each other.         

This first JDE Talk Filip and Wouter will look back on a recorded session that was done for Quest last week.
Bob Monahan and Gary Grieshaber presented the Roadmap for JD Edwards, which you can find here.
They will outline some of what they found interesting from the webinar, and will discuss the roadmap:

  • Does the roadmap match the needs of our User Group?
  • At what topic should Oracle focus?
  • Can we as a group support this topic by raising enhancements on it collectively?
  • Are there any other points that were not on the roadmap, that should have been?

Input for the session will be the recorded webinar (make sure to watch it upfront) and our focus flip-over sheet that was created during the SIG Meeting at Boortmalt (we will bring that).